“Living” Chandelier Made with Algae-Filled Leaves Naturally Purifies the World


Julian Melchiorri is a design engineer and biotechnologist who gained popularity when he created the first synthetic biological leaf.

Recently, he came up with another ingenious design- a lighting that as beautiful as it’s eco-friendly. This living chandelier named Exhale cleans the air while providing lighting.

It was displayed in the V&A Museum during the London Design Festival.

Living Chandelier-Lightens Beautifully & Purifies the Air

The green lighting piece is consisted of 70 glass leaves with green algae which absorb CO2 and release oxygen. The transparent liquid filters give off a warm glow.

Even though green design IS usually based on clean lines and modern styles, this one is a modern lighting piece which is eco-friendly and versatile in terms of style.

This elegant modular chandelier can be configured into various forms, depending on youR needs. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

For this invention, Melchiorri received the Emerging Talent Award during the London Design Week.

This award is given to the individuals who’ve made significant influence within 5 years of graduation.

Although still a prototype, the Exhale chandelier is expected to bring the tech to bigger buildings and help them fight off harmful emissions.

It’s a similar concept to an air-purifying houseplant, but it’s rather a lighting piece.

Fighting against the Sustainability Crisis & Healing Our Planet

Melchiorri, a biochemical tech research, has spent years working with living organism to develop the artificial leaves for a project such as this one.

Until now, the designer and engineer has been exploring the world of biomaterials, biomimicry, and synthetic biology.

He’s hopeful to contribute to the fight against the sustainability crisis. Namely, in the last century, Melchiorri explained that our growing population has been destroying plant life and caused a permanent change in the atmosphere and climate.

He is working on materials that are able to photosynthesize and explore their positive influence on the world. This tech can be revolutionary for the urban environment by cleansing the air we breathe, explains Melchiorri.




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