Emotional Moment of 89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Handed a $12,000 Tip


This elderly delivery driver was handed a $12,000 tip after a popular TikToker launched a fundraiser for him.

The senior Derlin Newey who’s 89 actually works 30 hours per week at the Papa John’s Pizza in Roy, Utah to make ends meet.

In September, he was delivering pizza in the home of the popular TikToker Carlos Valdez. Little did he know that this moment would change his life!

Valdez was filming the family’s talk with Newey who was standing at the door and enjoying a friendly conversation.

Valdez later posted it on his TikTok and it went viral very fast.

Fans immediately fell in love with the kind Newey and a lot of them were worried that he was still working in the 8 decade of his life!

Valdez Decides to Launch a Fundraiser for Newey

Inspired by how much the fans loved Newey, he decided to help him out by opening a fundraiser. People all across the country began sending donations and in only several days, Valdez managed to collect $12,069 for Newey.

Together with his wife, Valdez set off to Newey’s mobile home to deliver his ‘tip’. Newey definitely became the new favorite pizza delivery guy in America!

Valdez told him that they’ve collected a gift for him and that they’ve come to deliver it on behalf of the community on TikTok.

Newey Bursts in Tears, Amazed by this Kind Act

A video of the moment was filed by the local news station KSL and it shows wonderful Newey bursting in tears when he was given the money.

He was wondering how to say thank and noted how he doesn’t have what to say.

The Valdez hope that kind Newey will use them for bills and medical expenses and reduce the amount of hours he needs to work.

Valdez said that Newey definitely needed this and that they’re glad to be able to help.

He also explained how we need to treat people with more respect and kindness, same as Newey does. He stole everyone’s hearts.




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